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Robert A. Wilber
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King of Prussia, PA   19406

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Electrical contractor. Licensed electricians serving you in the City of Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Bucks and Montgomery county area in Pennsylvania for 40 years.

bullet gif Residential
bullet gif Commercial
bullet gif Industrial
bullet gif New installations
bullet gif Service and repair
bullet gif Additions or remodels
bullet gif Troubleshooting Specialist!

bullet gif Service installation and repair
Single phase, Two phase, Three phase
Service entrance replacement
100 amp service
200 amp service
400 amp service
Disconnect installation
Disconnect replacement
New panel installation
Subpanel installation
Panel replacement
Entrance conductor retermination
Correction of bonding defects
Correction of grounding problems
Load balancing

bullet gif Electrical system inspections
Safety inspections
Enforcement compliance corrections

bullet gif Lighting circuit installation & repair
Install new circuit wiring and fixtures
Locate, service and repair faults
Upgrade fixtures
Ballast and lamp replacement
Replace defective or failed switches
Lighting control design, installation
Lighting control modification
Exterior lighting service
Photocell replacement

bullet gif Motor circuit installation & repair
Motor control circuit design service
Motor control circuit modification
Motor replacement
Equipment conversion
Three phase, Two phase
Phase converters installed

bullet gif Commercial kitchen equipment
Cooking equipment power
Exhaust fan system power
Electric cooking unit repairs
Controls - Elements

bullet gif Power circuit installation & repair
Ground fault location and repair
Locate and repair damaged wiring
Install new circuit wiring
Locate and repair faults
Install new receptacle circuit
Locate and repair defective receptacles

bullet gif Special systems
Emergency generator
Emergency lighting repair
Emergency lighting certification
Exit lighting
Fire alarm
Touchplate Low Voltage Relay Control Repair
Nurse call
Video cable
Telephone cable
Computer cable